Biosimilars 201: Beyond the Basics of Biosimilars (Video)

Biosimilars 201: Beyond the Basics of Biosimilars (Video)

This video-based program will provide an overview of biologics and biosimilars and the practical issues around their implementation and use.

This presentation will review:

  • Key mechanisms of action for biologics and biosimilars
  • The practical aspects of biosimilars in patient care
  • The development and manufacturing of biosimilars and biologics
  • The regulatory pathway for biosimilars in Canada
  • The impact of biosimilars on pharmacovigilance 

The unique nature of biologics and the fact that many biosimilars are coming to market in the near future highlights the need for pharmacists to become prepared to support and educate patients receiving these medications.

Video running time: 27:43


  • Having a pad of paper and a pen to take notes throughout the video is recommended. Watching the video more than once may also help you better understand the content and have success on the quiz.

This program is the second in a series of two programs on biosimilars.  To access Biosimilars 101 for a review of the basics of biosimilars, click here.

Disclosures: The author and reviewers have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

This program has been supported by an educational grant from Amgen Canada.

1.00 CEU

Tom McFarlane
BScPhm, PharmD


Chris Dalseg

Philip Shaheen

(Expires: 18-Aug-2019)