Preventing Third-Party Pharmacy Audits and Clawbacks

Preventing Third-Party Pharmacy Audits and Clawbacks

It is probably fair to say that the moment most people hear they are going to be audited they feel a certain amount of anxiety. The key to meeting challenges associated with audits lies in:

  • understanding as much of the process as possible
  • being ready for any circumstances that arise

The three modules in this continuing education lesson will help you to achieve these two objectives and be prepared for a third-party audit in your pharmacy.

Acknowledgment of Past Contributor: Peter Zawadzki, BScPhm, RPh

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1.50 CEU

Miguel Lopez-Dee
BSc.Pharm, RPh


Tom Smiley
BScPhm, PharmD, CTE

Rahim Ismail
BScPhm, RPh

(Expires: 15-Jan-2020)