Generic Drugs: Addressing Common Patient Concerns with Confidence (Pharmacists)

Generic Drugs: Addressing Common Patient Concerns with Confidence (Pharmacists)

Why is this program important to me?

How many times in the recent past have you heard one of these questions?

“Are these the same pills that I usually take?”

“Why are you switching my pills?”

“If they are the same as what I have been taking, why don’t they look the same?”

These are just a few of the questions our patients challenge us with on a daily basis when the brand of their medication is changed. Unless we communicate with them and explain that the change was made for reasons such as government regulations that tell us we must use the “lowest cost product listed in a category of drugs,” they will remain confused.

It is important that we understand the similarities and differences between various brands of the same medication ourselves, in order to be confident in our response to our patients’ questions. This also enables us to enter into discussions about the processes associated with ensuring that medications are bioequivalent.

It is critical that our patients remain confident that they are taking the correct medication. This can be accomplished by a pharmacy team that is knowledgeable, communicates effectively, and anticipates the questions patients are likely to ask.

This continuing education lesson will provide you with the knowledge and communication techniques necessary for handling difficult situations that may arise when patients question the medication that they are receiving. Module 1 provides background knowledge that you will need to answer patient questions, while Modules 2 and 3 review communication skills and demonstrate techniques that will help you to effectively answer patient questions about generic medicines.

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