Comprehensive Diabetes Educator Program

Comprehensive Diabetes Educator Program
For Ontario pharmacists:

This CCCEP-accredited program is comprehensive in nature, meeting the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care education qualification criteria for pharmacists in Ontario wishing to conduct a Diabetes MedsCheck.

Armed with the knowledge and patient education principles included in this program, the successful participant will be well prepared for performing comprehensive patient assessments and care plans in collaboration with their patients with diabetes. 

This program INCLUDES the new Diabetes Canada guidelines that were released in April 2018. Completing this program provides an excellent overview of the concepts you need to be successful in performing MedsChecks for Diabetes.


The Comprehensive Diabetes Educator Program has been designed with the goal of helping busy pharmacists provide optimal care for their patients with diabetes. The program will also help health professionals prepare for the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE®) exam in a manner that is flexible and suited to their individual needs.

Following are some of the unique features of the Comprehensive Diabetes Educator Program that will help you reach these goals:

  • 40 brief (0.5 CEUs) continuing education modules presented in 8 specific sections (see CDE Examination Competencies Cross-Referenced with Modules).
  • Each module will require approximately one-half hour to complete (including questions), permitting learning to be achieved in "bite-size” blocks of time.
  • Each module lists the Certified Diabetes Educator exam competencies that are addressed within the lesson (see CDE Preparation Program-Topics). If you choose to complete all 40 modules, you will have been educated and assessed on all competencies.
  • Each module follows the same learning format, with an introduction that summarizes the learning found in the module. A summary of "Key Learning Points” is found at the end of each module and can be used as a quick refresher at any point. Each section of the module is prefaced with a title posed in the form of a question to make it easy to identify the topic that is being addressed.
  • This format allows you to choose topics that meet your personal learning needs. If all topics are completed successfully, you can earn 20 CEUs as accredited by the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP).

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20.00 CEU

Tom Smiley
BScPhm, PharmD, CTE

Michael Boivin


Dorothy Pardalis

(Expires: 01-Oct-2019)